Four years ago, I had no idea how I would travel with children

We loved this post from Jacqueline Hicks about bikes, busses, babies and more.

PS. You can watch Jacqui’s film ‘A Way We Go’ for a limited time via this link: 

If you’re interested in travel, transport, city life or people in general… you’ll probably love the film it as much as we did!

a way we go

Four years ago a test came back positive. I was going to have a baby and I had no idea how this was going to change my transport (amongst other aspects of my life). I had been cycling around like a free spirit and I knew this wasn’t going to be able to continue without a hitch. But what was going to happen? Was I going to give up and buy a massive sports utility vehicle and live my life high behind a steering wheel? Or would I work out ways to stay free of this disastrous cliche.

Well, this week I’ve taken buses, trains, bikes and most importantly my two feet many miles with the two cutest children. My eldest son can hail a bus, mind the gap to the train, ride a balance bike to the park and he can spot a pantograph. It hasn’t been an easy…

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